No Hawkers or Canvassers

I want to hire this guy to be my front doorbell.

I want to hire this guy to be my front doorbell.

Journal Entry: Wallabadah NSW

Some photos from the shaded banks of Quirindi Creek at Wallabadah NSW today, teeming with life of all sorts: a rosella chick was stuck on a mangled branch in the water, its parents in a tree above looking pretty worried and warning it back from the water when it tried to wade free. I don’t know if the catfish circling it would have eaten the poor thing, but they looked big enough to make a meal of it.

Meanwhile a variety of dragonflies whizzed about, occasionally stopping on a sticking out stick to pose for each other and flaunt their stuff. A water bug of some sort spun circles in the shallow muck at the edge. I probably wouldn’t have noticed it had it not been for me watching the toe of my boot to make sure I didn’t slip in while approaching the stranded rosella for the best close-up. I briefly considered wading in to rescue the dear thing myself, but the story goes that if you touch a bird in the wild, even to save its life, the rest of its community will shun it thereafter if not actively injure it. It’s handy I suppose to know these things; it makes it easier to live with not wanting to get my feet wet.

For a small donation of $10 you can camp overnight here, behind the First Fleet Memorial Gardens at Wallabadah, south of Tamworth, beside Quirindi creek. And 2 minutes up the road you can get the best coffee outside of Italy, and the best burgers outside of Belgium. That’s what the sign says. I had a ginger beer and took the next side road away from the highway.

Treated found prose: On attachments and connections

Insulation panel

The distance between the puncture in the base of the red take-away coffee cup specified in the attached image–produced by impalement upon the metallic post of the ‘continuous’ fencing*–and the vertical face of the adjacent insulation panel shall not exceed 100mm.

No attachment established between the continuous fencing panel and the insulation panel shall constitute a meaningful connection.

*ESC 510: Boundary Fences; 4.10.1 Insulation Panels – General, p7 of 12. [PDF]

A spider!


another Haiku

A stunning looker,
too rare to pass up this chance…
nice weather, innit?

How to make a room spin and all the heads inside it turn to face one point

Shop Assistant to Little Boy: Do you want a lolly? Have a lolly.
Father to shop assistant: No.
SA to LB: Don’t you want a lolly? Go on. Take one.
Father to SA: No. No lollies.
SA to LB: Do you want a chocolate then? Have a chocolate.
Father to SA: No.
SA to Father: Awww… but why?
Father to SA: Ummm… because I said so.
SA to LB (pouting sadly): Ohhhhhhh… becawwws your Dad “Said So”.



30 words

Sophie’s long-time mentor looked on with bewilderment as she stepped over the edge of time with trepidation on her face.

“Maybe the next one will do it properly”, he muttered.