For Paul

criterion of Confucius–
efficacy begins at home;
homelessness cannot be named;
help is on its way,

Night before the hike haiku

LONG weekend hike booked:
rack, stand, maiden, winterdyke,
        , , , ,
socks, , , on the clothes horse
        , , ,

Colons and semicolons: an exercise

10 years at this business of writing for public consumption, and I struggle to this day with getting my semicolons to work properly for me; colons are no less a problem to work with: essentially; for reasons I could probably list if I put my mind to it: Re: Reason, no reason seems necessary; either one of could or probably would have been sufficient; and when I think normally my mind’s a blank verse string output stage hardly in need of anything more than a series of line breaks: a conclusion that draws itself.