Retrieved Poetry

You should go
from place to place
recovering the poems
that have been written for you,
to which you can affix your signature.
Don’t discuss these matters
with anyone.
Retrieve. Retrieve.
– Leonard Cohen: Basket (excerpt).

Marble painting by Brad Frederiksen

Marble painting by Brad Frederiksen




Composition of a coastal landscape from down on one knee with a cramp in my hammy.

Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Mount Tomah: fragment

Spent a couple of delightful hours today resting up in the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Mount Tomah. Of the 252 hectares the garden fills up I think I only covered about 10 or 20 hectares of it. Well, I was aiming to catch one or two exceptional photos of birdlife and you can’t rush these things.

As it turned out my favorite photo was one of a battle-scarred butterfly on a white flower that I can’t identify now because before I could read the name from the tag in the garden bed an Eastern Yellow Robin popped out from the scrub and took a long look at me.

I followed it back up the path to the restaurant, put my camera away, and spent the next hour recharging myself with coffee, a good book, and warm winter sun on my shoulders.