Return of Basin Street Blues

ok, but what happens if I let the cat out? return
the first word was THE word, return

so what if you can’t see the light side? return
a walking shadow signifies nothing, return

Emma Kristen died in a motor vehicle accident on her way to nursery school,
…….in 1974………………………………..don’t tab right without indicating, return

toothpaste contains glycerin, return
a baby dies every so often, return

pink noise sounds louder than brown noise, ((((return))))
some people have the gift of the ((((gab)))), return

this is not a love poem, return
or is it? return,
Basin Street Blues was revised by TT.O. in ????, return
there are no dead certs in Big Numbers, return

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About Brad

Braden Karl Frederiksen still has the small wooden treasure chest that his evil Grandmother gave him for his 8th Christmas. He can't recall how old he was when he locked the key inside nor how he locked it in there. He occasionally gives it a rattle and wonders what's making that other sound. View all posts by Brad

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