Room to work in

While reading an interview with Jim Murdoch today as part of my critical reviewing studies I noted a remark from Jim that “[l]ike most people I like to see photos of the rooms writers work in…”. Since it’s going to take me a while to train myself up to the task at hand, I thought Jim’s remark might provide a good opportunity for me to summarise where my studies have taken me so far.

Room to work in

More room to work in

The whole room to work in

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4 responses to “Room to work in

  • Jim Murdoch

    If you go to the photos page on Facebook there are a couple of pictures of what my office looks like. I’ve had the desk longer—a good ten years—and so I’ve produced quite a bit of stuff at it but these days I tend to work mostly in the living room on a laptop so I can be with Carrie. We hardly say a word to each other all day long but I like having her there and don’t find her at all distracting.

    • Brad

      Sadly I can’t see the pictures as I’m not on Facebook, Jim. It’s good to know though that the privacy settings are working. One thing I like about the fact that so many of the people I like having around are online is that I can have my companionship and my solitude too. It sounds like you and Carrie have achieved that balance in the offline world, which is quite enviable from where I am sitting.

  • tipota

    lovely workspace, bird’seye perception,
    it’s quite a goodsized space, i wonder if that might be one reason for the particularly clear and beautifully crafted writing of late ongoing, i should think twood be inspiration in open air and all the birds, green, nature

    • Brad

      It is a very pleasant and inspiring workspace, Kathi. The furniture and the scenery changes from time to time along with the locals and their activities. I like to think of it all as fully-furnished, although I did hear a complaint from one visitor today that the kitchen sink isn’t big enough.

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