The Magic of Reading


I’ve been breathing library books for the last 4 days.
Yann Martel’s ‘Beatrice and Virgil‘ on Wednesday.
David Malouf’s ‘Fly Away Peter‘ on Thursday.
And yesterday and today lapping up Terry Pratchett’s first two parts of the Discworld series; The Colour of Magic & The Light Fantastic.


Dear Mr Martel,

On Game 13.
Was that an invitation?

There is a kind of disappointment that one can get used to.
A kind of disappointment that one can even grow to admire for its guts.
There is a basic truth to be found in the guts.

What makes that admirable?


Dear Mr Malouf,

I read your ‘Fly Away Peter‘ right after reading Yann Martel’s
Beatrice and Virgil‘.
I haven’t read you before.
I was not at all disappointed.

But what was the question?

18 & 19.05.2012

Dear Mr Pratchett,

I was reading David Malouf’s ‘Fly Away Peter‘ the other day. Did I already say that? There’s this character called Jim Saddler in it who’s on his belly watching birds fairly early in the piece when this farm owner who goes by the name of Ashley Crowther rides up on horseback, recognises Jim’s special talent, and offers him a job on the spot. Sort of like how Twoflower offers Rincewind a job, except that it’s not really.

Then, today, this local gentleman walks up behind me while I’m sitting in my car reading an exchange between Twoflower and Greicha the First. He practically guarantees me a job come Monday. That’s if there are any.

Or don’t I say that yet?

p.s. What colour is that?

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4 responses to “The Magic of Reading

  • Dhyan

    Dear Mr Brad,

    I was watching before a CL finale where the story was dramatic but sadly pretty obvious from the very beginning.
    Then, disappointed, I have watched a silly film after which I read about The Magic of your Reading.

    Did you say I wish to understand that?

  • Dhyan

    I guess everything can be woven if you have the right oven.

    but i guess what i wanted to say is that your work always triggers something in my head and makes me think. or feel stupid. that all is good.

    and by the way what is “Fascuhhmmminating”. didn’t get it.

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