@TeeKayP Why does my heart feel so bad?

“Several attempts at an early-theory quickly collapsed for lack of foundations in mathematics and thermodynamics.”

The Curious Events Leading to the Theory of Shock Waves
Manuel D. Salas
NASA Langley Research Center

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Braden Karl Frederiksen still has the small wooden treasure chest that his evil Grandmother gave him for his 8th Christmas. He can't recall how old he was when he locked the key inside nor how he locked it in there. He occasionally gives it a rattle and wonders what's making that other sound. View all posts by Brad

4 responses to “@TeeKayP Why does my heart feel so bad?

  • Brad

    Date stamp July 21, 2012: Third of Three

    What goes everywhere
    looking red outside but always
    black on inside?

    Hello (Hola/Hi) flag.
    Black dog in Hi-Vis PPE.
    One, two, three.

  • Brad

    p.s. if time is linear, and the attached animation of Moby is accurate to the detail; the answer to the question of why my heart feels so bad depends, like everything, on the red wheelbarrow.

  • Brad

    p.p.s. for everything to depend on the red wheelbarrow, you have to answer to what the mathematical term said to the mathematical functiion – but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the right answer so long as you’re familiar with my parallel stream.

  • Brad

    @semainthecity “It’s also ironic that in the old days of tape and tape hiss and vinyl records and surface noise, we were always trying to get records louder and louder to overcome that.” T-Bone Burnett.

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