dragon curve: 7 of 9

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Shortly before her sixth birthday, she was visited by an older version of herself who tried to dissuade her parents from their plans to leave Federation space. Following this encounter, Annika began to have disturbing dreams of black cube-shaped starships. (VOY short story: “A Ribbon for Rosie”)


On telling left from right

The curve can be constructed by representing a left turn by 1 and a right turn by 0. The first-order curve is then denoted 1. (Wolfram Mathworld)

Tracing an iteration of the Heighway dragon curve from one end to the other, one encounters a series of 90 degree turns, some to the right and some to the left. For the first few iterations the sequence of right (R) and left (L) turns is as follows:

1st iteration: R (wikipedia.org)

If there’s a lesson to be learned from this, well I don’t know what it is. (Don Henley)

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