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Bird’s-eye view

Well… birds aren’t always on the wing.

Bird's Eye View

In the garden today

Retrieved Poetry

You should go
from place to place
recovering the poems
that have been written for you,
to which you can affix your signature.
Don’t discuss these matters
with anyone.
Retrieve. Retrieve.
– Leonard Cohen: Basket (excerpt).

Marble painting by Brad Frederiksen

Marble painting by Brad Frederiksen




Composition of a coastal landscape from down on one knee with a cramp in my hammy.

Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Mount Tomah: fragment

Spent a couple of delightful hours today resting up in the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Mount Tomah. Of the 252 hectares the garden fills up I think I only covered about 10 or 20 hectares of it. Well, I was aiming to catch one or two exceptional photos of birdlife and you can’t rush these things.

As it turned out my favorite photo was one of a battle-scarred butterfly on a white flower that I can’t identify now because before I could read the name from the tag in the garden bed an Eastern Yellow Robin popped out from the scrub and took a long look at me.

I followed it back up the path to the restaurant, put my camera away, and spent the next hour recharging myself with coffee, a good book, and warm winter sun on my shoulders.

Lake Lefroy


“Next time I do Lake Lefroy I want to do it by land yacht”, he says to himself while struggling to balance airplane food on a fold-out table that’s got 2 inches of space at the front being used by his gut.

— Update 01.09.2014 —

Next week I’ll be down there, somewhere in the bottom half of that frame or thereabouts, making the surrounds of Lake Lefroy a safer place to work. If all goes smoothly, I should have the best part of a day left to my own devices.

I’m still pretty keen to have a go at the land yachting, so I’ll certainly be looking to make that happen. Apart from that I expect I’ll just randomly cruise, as is my wont or want?, wherever the roads or my ageing legs will lead me; hopefully into that mindspace–lost to me lately–conducive to making some poetry… or at the least into one of those totally mind-blowing secluded-from-human-development-places this beautiful country of ours is so good at serving, from which I might have the good fortune to take some nice photos without straying too far from the safe knowledge of civilisation nearby.

From the Archives: Recent findings

These images from our universe, as seen through a shop-window, have been sent to us from an orbiting Canon Electro-Optical System.


Close inspection of the glassy horizon reveals reflections from the past, while the objects behind the horizon certainly encourage further reflections.

Despite visible information to the contrary, a door located just out of frame and to the right was closed (see IMG_3864.JPG (below)). No one appeared to be inside. It may be that the information was not made clear enough – or alternatively – some kind of extreme danger had presented itself and forced closure.

Flowers are blooming behind the usual time – which may be running – to the right of tea time. A ship can be seen being made a meal of on the shoreline; the women and children are going first. We can see some kind of writing on the wall and one or two people are up against it, but some of it looks to be coming up roses.

The image has been confirmed as both genuine and a true antique: we couldn’t find a doctor anywhere. The S72144 Bell at the far- bottom-right was the clincher: it’s definitely not a retro.

It’s clear that some kind of law was at the heart of it all, but we can only begin to speculate about what will be found inside that box. A sign at the door of it indicates that it was hand-made; so it could well be bigger than expected, if not totally gobsmacking. The dominating K-type star may hold the key, though we can see at top-right what might be a blue dwarf star. This in itself is at least hypothetically suggestive of an earlier occurring red dwarf star.

Something has been left behind; we’re not sure what it is. It’s probably mostly decorative in any case.


As can be seen, the open door previously mentioned was closed. It’s silly to think that the open invitation referred to the window. It was clearly not an open window. The poem we found on the image of the door is mind-tiltingly perplexing:

Sticky tape
Sticky tape
books, books, books, books
BOOKS, books, books ,
books B’OOKS, BOOKS,
books INSIDE, books
LOTSA BOOKS kinda says
it all really books. books
Sticky tape

It seems to us entirely counterintuitive that what we saw through the window was really all ‘INSIDE … LOTSA BOOKS’. We can only imagine that the sticky tape had something to do with it all.

With thanks to Memory Lane Antiques: 10 Victoria Street, Robe, SA.