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I have a tendency to attract weirdos when I travel to remote places alone, but this one today might have just taken the cake.

Looks peaceful enough for a rest, yes?

Manildra Rest Zone

Ummm… wait on a minute!


I’m not even going to speculate. Let’s just move on shall we, Vincent?

Moth at the window

Moth at the window:
do you want to lie low,
or hug?

moth at the window

Small blessings

Then, as it was now,
our world would cloud moonlight,
then cloud would cloud moon;
but before then, just for a moment,
all would seem interdependent
and interconnected,
and you would be there
at the right time to catch it.


Taijitu Moon: OCT 2014

Taijitu Moon: OCT 2014

Glasshouse Rock

Before the Glasshouse Rock

The viewer

The viewed

And the view

What was what

And who was who


Bird’s-eye view

Well… birds aren’t always on the wing.

Bird's Eye View

In the garden today

Retrieved Poetry

You should go
from place to place
recovering the poems
that have been written for you,
to which you can affix your signature.
Don’t discuss these matters
with anyone.
Retrieve. Retrieve.
– Leonard Cohen: Basket (excerpt).

Marble painting by Brad Frederiksen

Marble painting by Brad Frederiksen