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another Haiku

A stunning looker,
too rare to pass up this chance…
nice weather, innit?

Three Haiku

Biggest toad in the puddle
table topped into the beef tea;

First day of spring:
you polish the silverware, I
hang spoons from my nose.

Rattle, rattle, rattle…
lip smack;


guy in the McDonald’s carpark
sitting on your haunches
at your mate’s open car
passenger doorway
scanning me up and down
as I pass
narrow slits emitting dark
hostilities for eyes.

Chew with your mouth closed.

Moth at the window

Moth at the window:
do you want to lie low,
or hug?

moth at the window

Small blessings

Then, as it was now,
our world would cloud moonlight,
then cloud would cloud moon;
but before then, just for a moment,
all would seem interdependent
and interconnected,
and you would be there
at the right time to catch it.


Taijitu Moon: OCT 2014

Taijitu Moon: OCT 2014

Poetry in receipt

I spotted a line with internal rhyme
on my grocery shopping receipt
this evening while typing the details into
my household budget spreadsheet.

It read: Cracker Barrel Cheese
X/Sharp 500G

I thought it might almost
have worked as a Haiku,
but in the final analysis
it didn’t.

Smoking a durry

Smoking a durry
out on the back verandah–
bit on the nippy side.