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How do children become arsonists?: A list poem

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IMG_2134.jpg: Hey Grandpa :)

Hey Grandpa :)

How’s it hanging, maaaaaate? Or should I say hangin’ aboot, bud? lol.

I found one of your flyers going a bit yellow among my hand-me-downs lately and felt like pointing a Canon at it. Do you like how it turned out? I know it’s a bit fuzzy in parts, but I hope you get the picture.

I’ve been thinking – with my head – like you said. Do Progressive Conservative candidates automatically go to heaven, or do they have to get more than 7.81% of the votes. Did you get any bonus points for having the middle name Peter? Do votes from Omineca’s Mountains have some kind of weighting to them over votes from Beacon Hill, Australia? Do they go a bit to the right from the centre? Why did your heart give out on you 5 years before me? Did you ever see me twinkle in your first son’s eyes? Do you know that your second son screwed your first son over for everything my Grandma would have left behind for everyone if she’d not forgotten that the only reason her first son wasn’t sitting beside her in the nursing home with her and him was because he was in Australia trying his life out to tear himself away from his family just to be with her, while your second son was telling her how shitty it was that he couldn’t bother to make the few miles from just up the road to be there for her?

Why did Grandma refuse to accept your second son’s son into my family? Was it because his mother was Japanese, or just because he was christened Peter? Did anyone notice that there might have been a reason for why I wasn’t christened?

Jesus, Grandpa!!! What’s with all the fricking questions? You’d think that a man who wanted people to vote for him with their head would have left me with all of the answers.

Yours partly,

Braden Karl Frederiksen


On exposures and posings

I have had much fun experimenting with exposure lengths and the striking of poses! This one was a 15 second exposure, and it took me about 5 seconds after pressing the button to get myself into position.

There is a walking trail running past the back of the camera, and there is a steady stream of joggers jogging by. They are all giving me funny looks. One of them seemed to get a fright when I quickly swivelled away from myself – around the rock at my feet that I was using as my reference point – and then tried to reach out to myself. I suppose I was not doing the done thing; or at least being seen to be not doing the done thing. He’s the guy I turned to point my eyes at in the ‘triangulation’ snap of the previous post. I couldn’t help noticing that my body language made it look like I was pulling away from myself at the time.

It wasn’t until after I looked closely at that photo that I thought I looked like I was looking at another version of myself; a version that was jumping out of its skin and jogging past me at the same time! I suspect he’s been somehow immortalised in one of those shorelined beacons that you can see running along the base of the headland behind me, in any case.

The bridge into Narooma is off to the left, and just out of eyeshot. It was the bridge out of Narooma when I was taking the shot. I have to admit I was tempted to stay put, but then it wouldn’t have been the bridge into Narooma anymore.

The Australia Rock is off to the right. There are fluffy white clouds traversing the sky. The moon is a half moon. It’s a visible half-moon well and truly outside of this side of Australia Rock’s sights. There are stars in the sky. There’s always a little bit of Scorpio up there – at a time – too.