Sock On, Sock Off

Sock On Sock Off

Heads up and socks off to Ashley Capes’ odd from ‘Pollen & the Storm’. Poetry that encourages you to lift your chin and watch your socks.

Good night

If you’ve been following my twitter account closely, you might have just heard me say good night.

Did I say good night just then. Nope. Wasn’t me.

Bonus level.

Good night.

Wilberforce to Kurrajong

It would appear after much circling and probing around this morning that Bushell’s Lagoon (west of Wilberforce) is off limits. Thought I was almost there once whereupon I pulled over to let an approaching car pass and was asked slightly tensely if there was something I wanted.

‘No thanks. I’m just exploring. I’m trying to find my way down to that lagoon over there’, I said, pointing.

‘This is my driveway’, it was calmly explained to me.

‘Oh! Sorry. I didn’t realise. I will turn back around smartly.’

He tapped a friendly gesture on his window frame arm rest. Understandingly explained that his private property sign was all overgrown, and that he should get that fixed up one of these days. Gave me directions back to a turn from an arm I would find on the right if I turned back and went down the main road a little bit further.

‘Best to do a U-ee here. Or you can can keep going and turn back at my place.’

I turned right at the arm on the main road like he said and followed it down until I reached a fork in the road with an open gate on my left and a private property sign up in the other direction. It was all too confusing, so I turned back around.

Wound up winding my way around Upper Colo and Comleroy roads into Kurrajong. The Easter Bunny was in the park at the corner of Upper and Lower Colo handing out ribbons, and children were hopping in sacks everywhere. Further up there was this one awesome ridge with a 360 view that bent back and forth through the middle where the road was all narrow and slippery gravel with nothing but me going careful and slowly to stop me slipping off into oblivion one way or the other.

Took a detour into Colo Reserve with vans and tents scattered all around only to find a stern ranger guarding the point past the daytripper space that I couldn’t drive into because it was full, so I did the obligatory loop around the fee section and went back the way I had detoured.

What’s with the nearby driveway that goes down to the left with the photo of twin girls about 10 years old that’s memed with a “Welcome”, but when you turn into it there’s a gate further down with a sign that says “PRIVATE PROPERTY. KEEP OUT.” ? Have you ever tried reversing up the space between a welcome and a keep out and went away in the end just wondering firstly what’s up with the picture of the twin girls and then thinking you should probably report it to the police, just in case, but you don’t?

Anyway, there was a free public spot further up that I stopped at. Some people were camping there, and others were daytripping. Wheeny Creek could be heard gurgling and whispering behind me, and bellbirds were singing. It all looked quite pleasant apart from the orange and yellow tape raised up around the toilet block with the sign saying ‘Closed Due To Vandalism’.

Last resting place was Kurrajong village. Gave up the yummy chocolate and crazy daisy temptations across the road from each other and settled down the road a bit for coffee and a familiar looking pastry.

Continued on my way. Didn’t take a single picture.

Wilberforce to Kurrajong