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Here, Now, and Then: That’s my Son

Here and Now and Then Here and Now

I’m perfectly aware of the statements and claims that parents shouldn’t post photos of their children online. Noted. Next question?


Addendum to reasons of decency

Here’s one I nicked from the agent.


There’s a frangipani tree growing under the windows and a covered alfresco dining area that’s perfect for 2 with a thick jasmine vine flowering out of its trellis wall. That’s going to be my study.

When I opened the back door today the scent of jasmine came in and went all through the house. Should I add that I liked it? Then when I thought about how according to Danish-Canadian New Year tradition you’re supposed to show the old year out the back door and let the new year through the front it weirded me out.

For reasons of decency

[A response to Tristan Foster]

I was just now recalling how interesting it used to be to look through Grandma’s old photos and thought how cool would it be if you clicked on an image and it gracefully flipped to reveal the history behind it? Then there could be a premium plugin that converts the history.text into a faithful rendering of the photographer’s handwriting based on an inter-web database look-up query that matches photographers to their device at the time it was taken. Then I was thinking about what Grandpa would have thought about all this talk of active engagement and openness and it struck me the next obvious step would be to print them all out as double-sided postage stamps and hinge-mount them. I was tempted to try and explain this, but deep down it feels relevant.