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On Australia Post

On Auspost

How to become our nation’s Head of State: with revised National Anthem

Delivering the ABC Boyer Lecture in Sydney, Ms Bryce said her vision was for a country “where people are free to love and marry whom they choose and where perhaps my friends, one day, one young girl or boy may even grow up to be our nation’s first Head of State”.

(Governor-General Quentin Bryce backs Australia becoming a republic and legalising gay marriage)

Is it where you are born, or is it in your blood? Or where perhaps my friends, one unaccompanied minor may become our nation’s next Head of State?

We shall presume for the sake of the argument that the previous British ones were once young girls, or boys, too.

Australian Labor Party Poverty Trap

The Newstart Allowance for an unemployed single man living in a tent and looking for work from a fixed address on Crown Land in Victoria at the time of his application for assistance was approximately $303.00 per week at 26th March 2012.

Centrelink staff advised at the same time, upon this man’s point that he fully intended to travel from town to town until someone would give him a job, that a single man living in a tent (or sleeping in his car) at no fixed address (i.e., one of the State’s free campsites) would not be able to receive the allowance, since they needed somewhere to send urgent demands for attendance at “one” of the State’s two participating jobsearch centres of his choice.

Centrelink staff advised at the time that he could not choose two.

This man would still have to wait until June or July of the year for assistance, since he’d been keeping a budget and therefore had planned in advance of crossing the border into the next State and still being unemployed, looking for work. He’d have to have less than 3 Grand in the bank, after they’d taken the dollars he could live from off the sale of all of his assets (including his car) into account.

He chose one from two, and committed to paying out $132 a week to live in a tent with shower and laundry facilities, and a fixed address that the Crown Land Law would require him out of a month before the first Newstart payment was due.

Centrelink advised at the time (upon this man’s mention of their State’s Crown Law) he could nevertheless expect to have payments withheld for up to 26 weeks if he moved – provided he give them 14 days notice. If he didn’t, they’d be permanently stopped.

The Newstart Allowance for an unemployed single man forced to remain in a town with no work available on the immediate horizon while looking for work was reduced from approximately $303.00 per week by the Australian Labor Party to approximately $245.00 per week at the beginning of April 2012; payable from June or July 2012.

There are said to be feeling voices inside the Australian Labor Party today who think the Newstart Allowance should be increased by about $50.


Mitchell Gardens - Bairnsdale

Mitchell Gardens – Bairnsdale