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Milligan and Murphy: What brothers are for

Today is the day. It’s now or never. Tomorrow is another day. Who said those? I don’t think it matters. They are true enough.

Jim Murdoch’s Milligan and Murphy
go as they’ve been sent on their way to somewhere and they wind up going somewhere else. That somewhere else is somewhere other than where they were sent, and as it turns out there was someone who cared enough to send someone looking for them when they didn’t turn up where they were sent to.

Read the book, get over yourself, and tell me they wouldn’t have gone where they did if either one had have been left by himself.



No four seasons anymore.
Really didn’t see it coming.


What I’m reading – between giants

between giants

between giants, by Ashley Capes, fits into the palm of a medium-sized jungle leaf. With an attractive wrap-around cover that’s smooth to the touch, and perfect bound pages that smell delicious, by the time you get to the end of page 13 you’ll be having a serious archaeological moment.

Thanks Ash!