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Colons and semicolons: an exercise

10 years at this business of writing for public consumption, and I struggle to this day with getting my semicolons to work properly for me; colons are no less a problem to work with: essentially; for reasons I could probably list if I put my mind to it: Re: Reason, no reason seems necessary; either one of could or probably would have been sufficient; and when I think normally my mind’s a blank verse string output stage hardly in need of anything more than a series of line breaks: a conclusion that draws itself.

2014 Easter egg hunt in the Z80 F Register

Planning to spend a few days and nights traveling with Vincent over the Easter long weekend. Can’t decide whether to go back to somewhere I’ve already been, or map out a bit of new territory. It strikes me that in all my exposure to thinkers who espoused wandering, from Rousseau to Nietzsche and back and forth through a few others, I’ve never noticed a value distinction being made between the alternative missions of reconciliation and reconnaissance, let alone the hint of a union between them.

There’s no doubt I’ll have to go through somewhere I’ve been at some point on the first day wherever I find myself going anew or having already been. I’ve taken that into account and noted today my predominant thoughts with regards to the places I’ve already been are concerned with repeating my favorite gustatory experiences. The trouble with this is that all of my favorite places to eat will be closed thanks to some law in the books that says I can’t eat or drink from my favorite places on a Good Friday. Of course there are plenty of servos offering chocolates, potato crisps and cold faux-meat pies to choose from, but none of them are on my list of favorite places. I’m trying to make this lead to a premise for what a value distinction asserted in terms of a reconciliatory mission might look like but the pieces aren’t coming together for me, so I’ll simply flag it for now and return to it later.

“[B]y entrusting to memory the fate of things past, and to expectation that of things to come, we can include memory and expectation in an extended and dialectical present which itself is none of the terms rejected previously: neither the past, nor the future, nor the pointlike present, nor even the passing of the present.” (Time and Narrative, Vol 1: Paul Ricoeur)

I guess this just means I’ll be packing my bunker supply of tinned tuna and muesli bars, and cruising on through to wherever the rest of the world wakes up on Easter Saturday morning and happens to find me.

Oh! What’s the word for the third kind of mission? It’s of the kind you had time to do once, but not in the foreseeable future. I suspect it ought to be taken into account along with any value distinction between reconnaissance and reconciliation. Let me check my Heraclitus…

Martins Bend, Berri, SA 2014 at Easter 2011_ Out of reach

I’ve been wondering why I kept my vinyl collection in storage for all these years. Then just remembered somewhere in amongst it all is an awesome cover slash parody of Hotel California and can’t find any trace of it mentioned anywhere on the internet.

It could take me a while to sort through my collection and find it. Then there’s the problem that I don’t have an sound system anymore to play it on when I do find it.

Never mind. I will find it and buy a whole system to play it back on and record if I have to. Life is like that.

In the meantime, check this out!