Synthesis #5

A photo I took in Broken Hill of Eduardo Nasta Luna’s sculpture–Facing the Day and the Night–forms the background for this, the fifth in my ongoing syntheses project. I flipped that photo vertically and combined it with the original to create a symmetrical inkblot effect, and then introduced a black and white photo of a mob of kangaroos that I took a few years earlier in Murramarang NP on the south coast. The result is a distant memory, appropriately photographically aged, at the foreground of memories more recent: that’s the theory behind it:)

Synthesis #5

2 responses

  1. the interspersed color, texture, line, form, combine in a way that makes original vision. with detail and intricacy, the forms compelling, it opens to view an etched field with forms emerging as narrative and a surreal twist that’s cool, that is illustrative

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