Interpenetrational Disquiet

The mirror universe is a parallel universe where the patterns of events move in similar manners to that of the primary universe, but the intentions and characterizations are different, often showing “evil” characteristics in place of “good” and vice versa.
–Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki

I’ve been moving layers from my latest Disquiet Junto contribution–in which dimensional interpenetration enables a tuning fork to play a chord on a baoding ball suspended in a saw wave–around alternate timelines today. Well, that’s how I’ve been imagining the process since it dawned on me that the process of building a chord from a recording of single notes could serve as an analogy for how certain parallel universes work in theory. Then I started imagining logical musical conclusions, like wouldn’t it be cool if Evil Enterprise bridge crew and Good Enterprise bridge crew did a cover of Aerosmith vs Run-DMC doing Walk This Way. A few hours later I had eased myself back to reality and tried to finish what I started. The resulting piece of music runs for the same length of time as the original, but gets a bit more interesting. Hope you enjoy.

5 responses

    • It would make for an interesting project for the Disquiet Junto to imagine themselves as a secret political faction! What kind of music would emerge? Mine would be a Drum & Bass piece, and it would play a subliminal message in morse code, but only on the hi-hat and lo-hat:)

      • i think the project was imagined-up some time ago and yes art is political i hate to say out loud because we want to keep up the illusion that it’s all about bee-yoo-tee

        right, they knew from the getgo what they are doing quietly – ripping apart all preconceived ideas about aesthetic, and what it means to be__________.

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