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Braden Karl Frederiksen still has the small wooden treasure chest that his evil Grandmother gave him for his 8th Christmas. He can't recall how old he was when he locked the key inside nor how he locked it in there. He occasionally gives it a rattle and wonders what's making that other sound.


Evolution of an 8×8 pixel bitmap by #glitch selection.

Glitch Evolution

Glitch Evolution




Red Skies Crossover

The original plan was to add another entry to the Sydney-Ceduna travel journal, but being so obsessed at the moment with glitch art and databending experiments I couldn’t resist their distractions.
I took the background photo at a small salt lake on White River Road, south of Tumby Bay on the day that I’m supposed to be writing my next journal entry for–27 DEC 2014–and not far from where I’ve posted earlier about the ribbon of Cape Barren Geese. After giving it a basic wordpad glitching I had a listen to The James Gang’s Red Skies for old time sake. While I was searching for the link to it, Google suggested I take a look at Red Skies Crossover; “an informal term to refer to a tangential tie-in to a crossover event”. So began my first attempt to construct a collage since I was a primary school student.
The monitor lizard (Anti-Monitor) comes from a meeting earlier in the trip at Gol Gol State Forest. Anti-Monitor is here facing up against Monitor – one of the group of heroes, including Superman, that I found as Christmas decorations in a field outside of Parkes on day one of my trip to Ceduna and back. Finally, the black shouldered kite is Harbinger. She was captured on my digital film at Coffin Bay on the morning of 28 DEC 2014. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination!

The Red Skies Crossover Collage

The Red Skies Crossover Collage

On the light stripped back to its core

Hi Mark,

Your experimental poem in images, the light stripped back to its core, inspired me to compose some music so to speak.

I began by importing each of your images into Audacity as Raw Data, one image per track.

Light Stripped Back - The Audio

Light Stripped Back – The Audio

I then exported the composite out to .raw format (without adding any effects or adjustments), and experimented with various Byte per Pixel constructions and RGB arrangements until I had a couple of pleasing results in .bmp format. Then I went back to Audacity and did basically the same thing over and over except I rotated the images into different orientations before importing them to see what would happen.

I was surprised to learn that a single image can be listened to 36 000 different ways: rotated 0.01° right, 0.02° right, 0.03°… through 360°. For a three image recording that would be 36 000³, or 46 656 x 10⁹ ways to listen. Needless to say I didn’t muck around with all those fine details but went straight to the extremes with my experimentation: 45°, 90°, 135° etc. The resulting sound files were actually quite pleasant to listen to. A bit like a helicopter passing through a muffler.

After much fiddling and occasional visits to the hex editor to reconstruct bitmap headers or push pixels across the colour map, I had a series of three images to respond to you with. But then I thought, what if I put those three back into Audacity and export them back out again? So I did. And now I have four images to respond with!

Thanks for the materials and inspiration, Mark. I hope you find the results not only as aesthetically pleasing as I have, but also that the process reflects a kind of thematically responsive philosophy – On the light stripped back to its core.

Portrait of Marie


Portrait of Marie

Sydney to Ceduna return – Photo Essay (Part 13)

   Memories are ribbons
   of Cape Barren Geese
   in a noon seabreeze
   south of Port Neill

Ribbon of Cape Barren Geese

Ribbon of Cape Barren Geese

   silhouette streaming
   near midnight beneath
   a moon growing over
   Yandinga Gorge
Cape Barren Geese with a Gawler Ranges Midnight Moon

Cape Barren Geese with a Gawler Ranges Midnight Moon

   If it’s the first time
   you’ve seen Cape Barren Geese
   memories are Emus
   that look out of place
   once or twice
Emus? That can't be right.

Emus? That can’t be right.

   until you approach
   and they strip the beach
   down to just you
   sand, dunes, and ribbons
Cape Barren Geese 2
   and a persistence
   of vision that swings
   like a pendulum
   some say obsession
Cape Barren Geese on Hex Canvas

Cape Barren Geese on Hex Canvas


Linear Glitch Performance #00: On the way of progress

   “Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
   –Frank Zappa
What to call what follows?! I think I’ll go with Linear Glitch Performance.
Firstly, I want to thank stAllio! at animals within animals for his post advanced wordpad editing explained, and J.Boulton at QuestionSomething for Databending using Audacity Effects. The clarity and detail with which these artists have shared their knowledge has been invaluable. There are a few other resources I’d like to share in the near future, but for now I’ll just get on with this performance: some practical results from what I’ve learned so far about glitching and databending.

On the way of progress

On the way of progress

    Trigonometric Station
    Governor Phillip Lookout
    Beacon Hill, NSW 2100
    Sydney, Australia
    -33.754100, 151.264183
On the way of progress - HEX

On the way of progress – HEX

Unit 3DF7D-3DF83/3DF79
Maximised XVI32 Window Way
Mobile PC Display
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Cyamatics is defined by WikepediA as ‘the study of visible sound co vibration.’ Sound waves are ‘made visible in a thin coating of particles, paste, or liquid.’ By plugging two images into Audacity, one on the left track and one on the right, the roles of sight and sound are reversed: the coating of particles, paste, and liquid (pixels) is made audible in a mixed down sound track (.mp3). The soundtrack for the above two images, with a little tweaking and stretching, captures the mood I was looking to squeeze from the images wonderfully! Does it end with a train wreck? No. You can’t halt the flow of progress.
Please turn your speaker volume down to a safe listening level before pressing PLAY
The soundtrack you are now listening to is also available as a diptych. Probably not the kind of side by side imagery you were expecting from a diptych – until now.
On the way of progress - The glitch diptych

On the way of progress – The diptych

Oh! I shouldn’t forget the curtain call.
Beacon Hill Trig Point, take a bow.
Beacon Hill Trig Point

Beacon Hill Trig Point

r ú è?

r ú è?

<½.     ../ þåt þån which 0 > can _ º.
\ þåt `.

go ¯ N Õ`
/ & I ® =.

Y for Your { & } not = @ ®§! My ¦.
Your © will — Ô!

Dialogue written mostly with ANSI characters. Translation to speech provided by Google Translate.

Cut and paste the text into Google Translate – English to English – and press the speaker button, or if that doesn’t work for some reason I’ve put a recording up at my podbean. Enjoy!