Pink Moon: a CD Spine poem

So I was sitting in dappled sunlight this arvo peeling price labels off the latest additions to my CD collection and wondered if I could use the dapples like a highlighter pen, or maybe a pair of scissors, to lift a cutup poem out of the spines. The exercise required a lot more speed and dexterity than I had first expected, with the shapes of the dapples and their positions changing faster than I could line the words up in them. The constant movement also had a kind of randomising effect, leading me to shuffle the lines around a number of times. In the end I couldn’t get the words to pop in the light like I’d hoped to, but the poem I discovered in the process surprised me. Also, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at a pink moon rising from the ocean again without likening it to a prawn cracker!



Pink Moon
O’ Cracker Where Art Thou?
Places Like This
Birds Of Fire
The Magic Numbers