Paradox of the Slug and Some Vagaries

One road toll hike per quarter at 1% compounding
   doesn’t make a slug—
that is to say, one toll road user paying hikes of (1 + 0.04/4) ^ (4*1)
   doesn’t take a slug.
If one (1 + 0.04/4) ^ (4*1) road toll hike
   doesn’t slug a wallet,
then one toll road operator taking (1 + 0.04/4) ^ (4*2) thru (4*30)
   doesn’t rake a slug.
There are two kinds of criminal in most creative circles:
Those who counterfeit the coin, and those who fake a slug.
In 30 years from now I like to think I’ve laid a claim
to posterity–a pointy stick with which to stake a slug;
but the best a man can hope for is a wobble
in reality with which to shake a slug.